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Big Update Coming on 2024!

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A “NEET score booster” typically refers to a service, strategy, or resource aimed at helping students enhance their scores in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for medical admissions in India. These services may include specialized coaching, study materials, practice tests, or guidance designed to improve a student’s performance in the NEET exam. Candidates will be able to increase their NEET score using our platform which extensively helps students to correct their mistakes to every question. The AI system enables students to learn concepts easily and also attempt multiple mock tests on the current NEET exam pattern. Our blogs have content related to strategies to boost your NEET scores and ace the exam. We provide recommendations about specialized coaching centres that help students increase their NEET exam marks. We help you evaluate your previous performance and scores and provide awareness about areas that require work and improvement.
The E-Books contain brief information about the state counselling and also cut-off, fees structure for Govt., private colleges which help students understand the basics of counselling. We provide mini e-books to all of our users as a guide for them to gain more information about the counselling process. We provide e-books for different states like karnataka, telangana, andhra pradesh, tamil nadu, maharashtra, etc. It provides information about that particular state’s counselling process, reservations, categories, colleges and their cut-offs. It also contains all the necessary information about every college i.e their infrastructure, fees, cut off, academics, admissions, medical facilities, hostel facilities and other information. It helps the candidate decide their choice of colleges depending on their score and convenience so that they have clarity about their college preferences during the choice filling part of the counseling process.
The “All India Counselling Guide” is a comprehensive resource designed to assist students and aspirants in navigating the complex process of counselling for various competitive exams and educational programs in India. It provides valuable information on registration procedures, seat allotment, document verification, and other essential steps involved in securing admissions to colleges and institutions across the country. This guide is an invaluable tool for students seeking clarity and guidance during the counselling process, ensuring that they make informed choices about their educational and career paths. The All India Counselling guide provides you complete information about MCC, All India Quota, Deemed University, AFMC and other State counselling, the Guide also contains information about cut-off trend for past 3yrs, reservations, category and how to participate in different state counselling, it gives you in detail information about what is need in the process of Medical Counselling.
NEET exam and counselling is a very long and tiring process. There are updates that are released by national and state counselling committees every now and then at irregular timings. These updates are very important for the students as they are related to the exam or the counselling process. It is not possible for the students to check every website for updates at odd or regular timings. We have a team of career counsellors who help the candidates with the NEET counselling process, these career counsellors also keep a track of any updates from all the national and state counselling committees irrespective of timings and they provide the update to the candidate and their parents. It helps them receive the information as well as apply for the various parts of the counselling process. We also help them understand the importance and details of any updates or news.
In NEET counselling, “application filling” refers to the first step of the counselling process where candidates provide their personal and academic information, preferences for colleges and courses, and other required details through an online application form. This information is used to determine the seat allotment process. Accurate and careful completion of this form is vital, as it directly influences the chances of securing a preferred college and course. Candidates must thoroughly review the guidelines and ensure all information is entered correctly, as any tiny errors can have significant consequences in the counselling process. NEET candidates will have to fill multiple application forms in order to obtain a seat, the application has to be filled without committing any small errors/mistakes. For this process, we have an experienced tech support crew who have an in-depth knowledge about the application filling process. This team will help the NEET candidate in an error free application filling for NTA exam and counselling process.
In the NEET counselling process, another important part is the document verification process. All the documents related to the NEET exam as well as personal documents related to citizenship, income, are compulsory and very important to be submitted during the verification process. Any errors or mistakes can get the candidate’s application rejected which can cost them an entire year before they can reapply for the process. Candidates must ensure to submit all the documents required in correct format, if there is any mistake in the documents it will lead to rejection of the same and in turn losing the chance of getting a medical seat. Our experienced team of career counsellors will help the candidate with this process as well as give them any important updates or news regarding the process.
In the context of NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) counselling in India, “choice filling” refers to the process where candidates who have qualified for the NEET exam are given the opportunity to select and priorities their preferences for the medical or dental colleges and courses they wish to join. This is done based on the availability of seats in various colleges based on the NEET rank of the candidate. They have to select their colleges of choice based on seat availability and lock their choices. This is done with respect to a lot of rules, regulations, updates and within a certain time frame. It is a very crucial step which cannot be compromised. The Choice filling or college selection during the counselling process is the most important as it decides the candidate’s career. Luckily we have a team of experts who will research the college details completely, provide you a list of the best colleges and will help you with the choice filling process within the given time frame and rules.
A candidate or parent must be aware what sort of a college will be best for them keeping in mind the factors like their budget, convenience, college ranking, infrastructure, academic details, admissions, etc. We will provide you with a list of the best medical colleges as per your expectations based on your NEET score/rank which will give you an insight about your preferences and choice of colleges.
Every college/ University is different in their own aspect. There are approximately 677 medical colleges in India and 600+ foreign universities . It is not an easy task to look into each and every detail and information about these colleges/universities. Hence, we provide you with the complete information and details about the college/university. Some colleges/universities have bonds or contracts in exchange for services or other things for their students. We give you the details, advantages & disadvantages of such bonds and also regarding any loopholes or hidden information in these bonds/contracts. It can be very tricky for a candidate to deal with these bonds/contracts if they are considering an admission in that college.
A candidate obtaining a seat through counselling is not sufficient enough to join college, it is always necessary to ensure that they complete all the necessary formalities, we will help you with our expertise and connect with colleges. We hand hold you completely till your ward has entered the college since we participate in multiple counselling. There is always a huge amount of money spent on the registrations and security deposits, refunds are possible under certain circumstances only our team will guide you the best possible way to understand refund policy.
Once the registration process is complete, the user will have access to all the general webinars that we conduct for the new and unregistered users to provide information regarding the NEET counselling process. You can attend the webinars regularly to gain more information. You will also have access to personalized webinars and counselling sessions that will be one to one and confidential. You can clear your doubts or fears and ask for more information or suggestions regarding any aspect of the NEET exam and NEET counselling process.