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10 Best Online Resources for NEET Exam Preparation

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NEET Exam Preparation

10 Best Online Resources for NEET Exam Preparation

The NEET exam can be prepared for using a variety of online tools, including video lectures, interactive platforms, study guides, and practice tests. Here are some of the top websites to take into account:

1.NEET Official Website: The NEET official website offers details on the test, the syllabus, and updates. For practice, it also provides previous year’s exam papers and sample papers.

2.Platforms for Online Learning:

  • Unacademy:  Provides a variety of NEET preparation courses, live classes, and video lectures given by knowledgeable lecturers.
  • The BYJU’S website offers in-depth NEET study materials, video lectures, and flexible learning modules.
  • Topper: Provides customized NEET study guides, test preparation materials, and practice questions.
  • On a variety of NEET-related subjects, such as biology, chemistry, and physics, Khan Academy provides free video lectures and practice questions.
  • Embibe: Offers individualized study plans, practice exams, and thorough performance reviews to help you spot areas that need work.

3.Online test series offered by the Allen Career Institute’s Distance Learning Program (DLP) with a focus on NEET exam preparation.

4.Aakash iTutor: Provides video lectures, study guides, and practice exams created by the renowned tutoring facility for medical entrance exams known as Aakash Institute.

5.The physics lectures on Dr. Ashish Arora’s YouTube channel, Physics Galaxy, are designed exclusively for NEET preparation.

6.NCERT Textbooks and Solutions: For those preparing for the NEET exam, the biology NCERT textbooks are an essential resource. These textbooks are available as free PDF downloads, often with solutions, on numerous websites.

7.For NEET disciplines, EtoosIndia offers video lectures by knowledgeable professors, coupled with study resources and practice exams.

8.Disha Publications: Provides NEET-specific books, study aids, and drills that cover the curriculum and a range of question types. Online question banks are available on sites like Embibe, Vedantu, EduRev, and they offer sizable question banks with a range of question types and difficulties.

9.Channels on YouTube:

10.Online forums and Communities: There are vibrant communities on websites like Quora and Reddit where people who want to take the NEET may talk about preparation methods, exchange information, and post queries.

Remember that even while using online resources can be very beneficial, it’s always important to make and follow a regular study schedule. Balancing self-study with guidance from experienced educators, practicing regularly with mock-tests, and reviewing your performance will contribute to a comprehensive NEET preparation strategy.

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